Portrait of Wonder Bread, Jud Nelson, travertine marble

A Pharoah, Madonna, nude, nymphs, Aphrodite, schoolgirl and Wonder Bread work together to make a compelling mashup of portraits.

A fun visual interplay happens with this group of portraits. All of the human images (deities included) cast a downward glance in the presence of a humble slice of bread. The marble sculpture of the bread is no less detailed or lovingly rendered than any of the human subjects. It begs one to wonder about our self absorption with the human image and how it has captured our imaginations over and over again.

The New Yorker has a wonderful article by Peter Schjeldahl about the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia and founder Alfred Barnes philosophy for presenting his collection…”Barnes juxtaposed pictures of wildly varying age, style, and quality – a great Tintoretto portrait under a perfunctory Renoir still-life next to a Rousseau jungle scene – and they goad one another to self-asserting eloquence.”

So don’t be shy – group your art and let the conversations begin.

Are you interested in Jud Nelson’s sculpture?