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Sexy. Curvy. Distinctive. Sensual. Futuristic. Modernism at its best. By Oscar Niemeyer; 1907 – 2012

“I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein.”

The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s passion for curves informed his design vocabulary and distinguished his work from his mentor, Corbusier.

Top: Niemeyer Center, Aviles, Spain. Bottom: Niemeyer table lamps.

Oscar Niemeyer – a salute to your life of dreams realized.

Photo credits from top: Simon Norfolk for the New York Times – The staircase in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia. Third photo: Pedro Sala/Shutterstock