Plans are jelling for Susan Rowland’s upcoming show this spring. A dedicated crew is curating Susan’s work – including Kimberly Loewe, formerly of MOMA; Alix Finkelstein, art writer; Peter Riesett, NY Public Library archival photographer; Karen Malpede, playwright and great friend of Susan’s; Susan’s wonderful family and humbly, me.

What is sure to be a standout at Susan’s show is her large ceramic pieces and how their shapes are reflected in her paintings.

Stefanie Dworkin, filmmaker and photographer, captured Susan’s studio. Her photographs give us a glimpse of Susan’s prodigious creative range – paintings, ceramics and printmaking. And of course wherever we turned, there was one of Susan’s Carlas keeping watch.

Stay tuned – date and location to be announced!

All photographs © Stefanie Dworkin, 2013.

Interested in Susan Rowland’s work? Contact: Marla Dekker