Andrea and Chloe Pinkney sparkle with Lisa Jenks jewelry.

Mothers and daughters modeling and photographing Lisa Jenks jewelry – I was admittedly nervous prior to our photo shoot about how it would play out with mothers and daughters working together in front of and behind the camera. But wow, did we have a great time!

Our models, Andrea Pinkney and her daughter, Chloe captured in their photos the same beauty and grace that they share in person. My sincere thank you to both of you for working with us.

My daughters and fellow photographers, Zoe and Elektra, and I had a fast paced photo session with Andrea and Chloe. A sincere thank you to Zoe and Elektra for all of your great work!

A Special Martin Luther King Day Note
Andrea Pinkney, the celebrated children’s book author and her husband, illustrator Brian Pinkney, have recently published Martin and Mahalia: His Words, Her Song, about the friendship between gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Andrea’s prose…

They were each born with the gift of gospel.

Martin’s voice kept people in their seats, but also sent their praises soaring. Mahalia’s voice was brass-and-butter – strong and smooth at the same time.

With Martin’s sermons and Mahalia’s songs, folks were free to shout, to sing their joy.

Andrea Pinkney, author of Martin and Mahalia: His Words, Her Song.