Have you ever seen amazing paintings in beautiful homes and wondered who was the artist? Once in a while I get the pleasure of meeting a truly talented artist who leaves me with the desire to see more, to learn more, to examine the world through their unique vision. I’m referring to my recent visit with the painter, John Woodrow Kelley.

Recently I visited his studio and home. And what a special place he has created… full of his personality and his way of seeing the world. Mr Kelley is immersed in the classical age of Greece and Rome, which really resonated with me. During my visit I noticed that he was reading in Italian (yes, in Italian) a book on the locations and use of marble in Italy. His neo-classical style furniture was fascinating (a particular interest of yours truly; I can see my Parzinger and Robsjohn-Gibbings pieces with his art and objects). His paintings – both small and large were eye catching and dazzling in their technical ability and historical references.

And as a special treat he showed me pictures of his wonderful home in the style of a palazzo that he designed and built. It all made sense to me when he told me that he had trained as an architect, since many architectural themes are incorporated into his paintings. Truly a man of many talents.

You can see and read more about Mr. Kelley here.

and here.