Vintage bras, vintage panties, vintage gloves, vintage legs, LEGS! LOOK AT THOSE LEGS! They were sexy and remarkable for their age. The elegant curve gave it all away. All of a sudden my breathing changed. As the French ladies of fashion say… ze legs go last so you show them to their best advantage.

There was something familiar about them. They were the only thing showing underneath piles and piles of every conceivable undergarment wrapped in plastic. I couldn’t stop myself from gently uncovering a little at a time…was I hoping for too much from my first glimpse?

Exposed except for the plastic encasing the body like a condom, I thought,  “what was this?” Then it hit me. It was  protection for the softest silk velvet in the sexiest magenta colored upholstery that I have ever seen. Yes, the chaise had been wrapped in plastic for 40 years. I had to have it.

Inquiring about it after the completion my purchase, I was told that it came from the daughter of the maid of a famous movie star who committed suicide. Marilyn? Could it be? A phone call later explained: “Monroe was a friend of mine” said Parzinger’s elderly partner. “The floor manager dealt with her furniture choices. It’s possible it was hers, I simply don’t know.” If only she could speak, the stories she could tell.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President.”