As sparks fly over contentious elections this fall, Herbert Hoover has been yanked into the present to illustrate similarities with today’s politics. Frank Rich, of the NY Times, has used Hoover analogies in 6 columns in the past year. Which is why this sphinx–like Hoover 1928 campaign pitcher is all the more intriguing. Viewed from different angles his expression changes from one of seriousness to a subtle smile. This lemonade pitcher was a campaign tool to reinforce Hoover’s support of prohibition.

In light of Hoover’s renewed acclaim, and in recognition of the repeal of prohibition, I am sharing a recipe for one of my favorite lemon mixed drinks, the White Lady, from the 1964 publication of Joy of Cooking.

White Lady
Shake, using ¾ cup of cracked ice:
1 1/2 jiggers of lemon juice
1 jigger of Cointreau
2 egg whites (optional in my opinion)
4 1/2 jiggers of gin
Strain into chilled glasses and cheers to you!