A conversation about connoisseurship, quality and sustainability of furniture, art
and objects from the modern era
KEVORK BABIAN once spent several hours showing his mid-century modern furniture collection to an avid collector and a mutual friend. Emboldened by the collector's rapt attention, Kevork regaled him with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. The collector profusely thanked Kevork for his time and left in a waiting town car. Turning to their mutual friend in the car, the collector's first question was, "is that his real hair, or does he have plugs?" Kevork is known and admired for his vast knowledge of furniture, a keen eye, and a fine head of hair.

Kevork's experiences living in Europe and Lebanon, schooling in Switzerland and New York City and traveling the world have given him a love of both classic and modern design.
MARLA DEKKER, a graphic designer for 30 years, conceived of Townhouse as an opportunity not only to sell fabulous mid-century modern furniture but also as a forum for an on-going discussion about the aesthetics, history, and abiding significance of modernist design. Her growing appreciation for the economic and environmental challenges we face today mesh with her conviction that Townhouse offers a marriage of style, value and sustainability.

Partner to Kevork Babian - in business and marriage - she is continually amazed at his passion (some would say obsession) for fine furniture and his exhaustive knowledge. After spending countless cocktail hours with Kevork and Karl as they marvel over and share stories about their latest finds, she wonders why she didn't come up with the idea for Townhouse sooner.
KARL KIPFMUELLER is a painter, furniture and art fiend who has supported himself doing furniture finishing and restoration for 26 years. He continues painting male nudes that cause married men and parents of teenage girls to blush, has talked a mafia playing movie star out of bleaching his English, 19th Century oak refectory table to match the driftwood in his Hampton's home, added two inches to the feet an 18th century French armchair so the designer client wouldn't appear short behind the desk and helped to remove the back of a boulle cabinet built for the King of France, (turtles died for this cabinet), so it could hold a larger television (thank god for flat screens). He also mixes a flawless martini - which helps him sleep at night.

Karl's work has been featured in Elle Decor, NY Magazine, Architectural Digest, House & Garden & Metropolitan Home.
Thanks to Sarah B. Weir for her keen editorial eye. sarahb.weir@gmail.com

Townhouse is designed, written and produced by Dekker Babian. Townhouse is located in Brooklyn, NY. All text and photos © 2019.